UEM Agent Windows

The Matrix42 UEM Agent Windows is the next level of the well known Empirum Advanced Agent. The focus for this software management agent is to get the best possible user experience. The end user will get a fresh and clean user interface, better options to define when software updates and rollouts should be performed so that software management does not distract or reduce productivity.

Starting with version 20, the Advanced Agent is no longer supported and will be replaced by the UEM Agent. For older, still supported Empirum versions (like v19.0.3) the mature and robust Advanced Agent is still available and supported.

Videos of the new Features: Deutsch / English Subtitle | UEM vs. Adv. Agent Video (German spoken)

The Matrix42 UEM Agent Windows is available with three different release types as shown in the following diagram. Depending on your needs and requirements, the best possible agent release can be selected.

The current Extended Support Release (ESR) version is 2006.x. Updated versions will increase the second segment of the version 2006.x.3.
A new Standard Release Version will be released soon. Until then the version 2006.4 ist the current SFR version.

Recent Changes

UEM_Agent_2006.8.3 Extended Support Release (a new Standard Support Release with new features and all fixes will be uploaded soon):

Known Issues in this release:

    • PRB34516: No fallback to User/Password if Certificate is not valid
    • PRB35005: Depot Sync: Certificated Authentication is not possible (Master only)

Solved issues and improvements:

UEM_Agent_2006.8.3 Extended Support Release (a new Standard Support Release with new features and fixes will be uploaded soon):

  • PRB34961: UEM Agent 2006.5.3: No connect if "Only trust validated server certificates" is checked
  • PRB34950 & PRB34979: UEM Agent crash (e.g. if too many depot servers are assigned)
  • Enhancements in UEM Depot Synchronization

UEM_Agent_2006.5.3 Extended Support Release:

  • PRB34713 User parts were erroneously uninstalled or reinstalled if the Agent checked during Windows logout.
  • PRB34402 Reinstalling with uninstalling a package now works correctly if a reboot is required.
  • PRB34726 Package validation is now always performed when pushing packages.
  • PRB34734 Custom WMI queries now support "contains" and "does not contain" if the WMI query returns a list, e.g. for IPAddresses.
  • PRB34658/PRB34667 The agent performs an installation for downloaded packages even if there is no connection to the server during the installation.
  • Intern: Improvements in deleting files during UEM Depot Sync.
  • PRB34327 For scheduled software installation the start time is considered. Not only the start date.
  • PRB34862 The file "PackageHashes.json" is only reloaded if it was changed.

      UEM Agent 2006.4:

      • Fixed Issues:
        • PRB34528: UEM-Agent 2003.2 creates high CPU Load on web server
        • PRB34551: Logs in Agent Cache will not be deleted if Cache is in Program Files
        • PRB34523: UEM Agent igores DHCP Options
        • PRB34557: Even true is set- Master will be contacted
        • Additionals:
          • Empirum Server "Use random order" are considered again.
          • Improved package sync
      • Known Issues in this release:
        • When switching the protocol, e.g. from SMB to https (in the context of the depot sync), some files are getting re-synced again even if those have not been changed
        • PRB34516: No fallback to User/Password if Certificate is not valid
      • Additional information:
        • For using http(s) based depot synchronisation, please install hotfix installer of 1st May 2020 (v20.0.0)
      Important: The UEM Agent 1910.0 or newer requires .Net 4.7.2 (will automatically be installed/updated during installation). The MSI does not include .Net.

      Highlights compared to the Empirum Advanced Agent

      • Completely redesigned graphical interface
      • Display of all icons in the kiosk and move dialog
      • Less user impact during the installation of software packages due to global silent level
      • Much improved functions for postponed installations
        • Postponements are now based on days instead of the polling interval.
        • Postpone to a specific date (requires Empirum 17.0.2)
        • Postpone for a given time independent of the set polling interval
        • Postpone to Shutdown
        • Software management tasks are combined to reduce the number of faults to a minimum. If several packages are assigned, the user is shown the smallest number of postponements. If no postponements remains, all currently activated tasks are executed.
      • Customized directories
        • All UEM Agent components are now located under %Program files%/Matrix42
        • All logs are now located under %ProgramData%/Matrix42/Logs
      • Automated update to the latest version
      • Customise the appearance of the UEM Agent Kiosk and the Pre Logon UI to your Company CI
      • Validate Software Packages by SHA-256 Checksum after download
      • Support of suspending Pre-Boot Authentication if package needs a reboot
        • EgoSecure PBA
        • Microsoft BitLocker

      Please read the documentation for more details

      Prerequisites & Installation

      • Matrix42 Empirum 17.0.2 or newer
      • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
      • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package
      • The UEM Agent Windows is provided as an exported Empirum Package.
      • Import in the EMC->Software Management->Depot; right click in the Packages Tab-> Import/Export->Import Packages..
      • The installation or deployment of the Agent is described in the manual

      Enablement Focus Webinar and Webcast

      Webcasts are available from the launch of Empirum 19.0.x and 20 in the Matrix42 Campus

      Screenshots & Videos

      The new UEM Agent Kiosk
      Package Pre-Condition
      Installation at Shutdown