UEM Agent Windows

The Matrix42 UEM Agent Windows is the next level of the well known Empirum Advanced Agent. The focus for this software management agent is to get the best possible user experience. The end user will get a fresh and clean user interface, better options to define when software updates and rollouts should be performed so that software management does not distract or reduce productivity.

The mature and robust Advanced Agent will stay as a parallel Agent and will be supported as long as it is required to make the UEM Agent the better Agent with all required features. Our goal is that customers switch because of the new and great features by them self as soon as possible.

Videos of the new Features: Deutsch / English Subtitle | UEM vs. Adv. Agent Video (German spoken)

Recent Changes

  • Important: The UEM Agent 1910.0 or newer requires .Net 4.7.2 (will automatically be installed/updated during installation). The MSI does not include .Net.
  • 2003.2: If an active proxy is detected, a log entry will be created ("ATTENTION! A proxy is defined, the UI may fail")
  • 2003.2: The UAF can no longer be uninstalled via "Programs and features".
  • 2003.2: Certificates will be searched in multiple subtrees of the local computer and not only in the "Personal" store.
  • 2003.2: The internal port of the Web UI will be determined dynamically (previously it was set to 9042).
  • 2003.2: Packages were installed on the next polling although software push was used.
  • 2003.2: User parts were un- or reinstalled unexpectedly.
  • 2003.2: Packages were not installed immediatelly on manual polling, if there was no active maintenance timeframe.
  • 2003.2: The window "Info about..." shows all information even for unprivileged users.
  • 2003.2: No more flickering of the StatusUI.
  • 2003.2: The UEM Agent does not use the WSServer module in IIS (Virtual Directory "Empirum") anymore if you configured http/s as transport protocol.
  • 2003.2: New sync component: (Technical Preview).

    Highlights compared to the Empirum Advanced Agent

    • Completely redesigned graphical interface
    • Display of all icons in the kiosk and move dialog
    • Less user impact during the installation of software packages due to global silent level
    • Much improved functions for postponed installations
      • Postponements are now based on days instead of the polling interval.
      • Postpone to a specific date (requires Empirum 17.0.2)
      • Postpone for a given time independent of the set polling interval
      • Postpone to Shutdown
      • Software management tasks are combined to reduce the number of faults to a minimum. If several packages are assigned, the user is shown the smallest number of postponements. If no postponements remains, all currently activated tasks are executed.
    • Customized directories
      • All UEM Agent components are now located under %Program files%/Matrix42
      • All logs are now located under %ProgramData%/Matrix42/Logs
    • Automated update to the latest version
    • Customise the appearance of the UEM Agent Kiosk and the Pre Logon UI to your Company CI
    • Validate Software Packages by SHA-256 Checksum after download
    • Support of suspending Pre-Boot Authentication if package needs a reboot
      • EgoSecure PBA
      • Microsoft BitLocker

    Please read the documentation for more details

    Prerequisites & Installation

    • Matrix42 Empirum 17.0.2 or newer
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package
    • The UEM Agent Windows is provided as an exported Empirum Package.
    • Import in the EMC->Software Management->Depot; right click in the Packages Tab-> Import/Export->Import Packages..
    • The installation or deployment of the Agent is described in the manual

    Known Issues

    • Older SWDepotLog entries are not removed any more if you are using a UEM Agent 1911.2 or higher in combination with Empirum 19.0.2 or lower.
    • Updates from older versions of the UEM Agent (1807 RC1 and older) might fail. Agent Push repairs the installation.
    • The Advanced Agent gets downloaded even that it will not be installed when the Advanced and the UEM Agent are both assigned to a computer running the UEM Agent. Please assign only the desired Agent.
    • Empirum 17.0.2 Customers: AskUninstallOld=1 has an issue when an error occurs during uninstallation with the global silent level /S4. Workaround: set the global silent level with a package to /S0 or /S2. This is fixed with a new setup.exe version in Empirum 18.0.2.

    Enablement Focus Webinar and Webcast

    Webcasts are available from the launch of Empirum 17.0.2, 18.0 and 19.0 in the Matrix42 Campus

    Screenshots & Videos

    The new UEM Agent Kiosk
    Package Pre-Condition
    Installation at Shutdown

    Changes, as compared to the Advanced Agent

    Basically, the UEM Agent behaves like the current Advanced Agent. We plan to modify some functionality or add new functionality to the UEM Agent only to develop and evolve it into the sole software management agent. Until further notice, support for the Advanced Agent will be continued, but only bug fixes and required adjustments to new platform will be provided accordingly. The following changes compared to the Advanced Agent are currently available:

    New Features and Changes since the initial Release 1808