Empirum Hotfix Installer 18.0 Update 1 (LTSB)


Der Matrix42 Empirum Hotfix Installer für Version 18.0.1 enthält alle seit dem offiziellen Release von Empirum 18.0.1 erstellten Hotfixes.


  • Matrix42 Empirum 18.0 Update 1
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 oder höher

Feature Highlights

  • Einfache Installation aller verfügbaren Hotfixes seit der Veröffentlichung der Basisversion
  • Regelmäßige Updates mit den neuesten Hotfixes und Benachrichtigung per E-Mail
  • Automatische Erkennung bereits installierter Hotfixes (falls über das Hotfix-Installationsprogramm installiert)
  • Automatische Zusammenstellung der Schritte nach der Installation zur Vermeidung redundanter Aktivitäten
  • Anzeigen der Installationsschritte vor der Installation der Hotfixes

Aktuelles Release

Wichtiger Hinweis: Dieser Hotfix Installer ist nur für Version 18.0 Update 1 (18.0.1)!

Gelöste Probleme

01. Mai 2020

  • PRB34485: PM: HTTPs Download error for some 3rd. party patches
  • PRB34502: EMC: Order of assigned Empirum Server will not be changed

25. Oktober 2019

  • PRB32006: PM: Scan fails if option SCANALL is set to 0
  • PRB33296: Cannot create 'DeviceMapping.xml' because it's being used by another process
  • PRB33751: Optimization of updating the DeviceMapping.xml
  • PRB33825: INV: Inventory does not read the SQL Server Edition 2017 and higher
  • PRB33818: Queue Optimization for updating the DeviceMapping.xml

31. Mai 2019

  • PRB32878: EWC: Status of software packages does not show installations on clients

12. April 2019

  • PRB32796: Personal Backup: Force Backup all User Profiles creates no ini file with the User SIDs
  • PRB32835: PM: Processing of PM files generates extremely high load on SQL Server

22. März 2019

  • PRB32584: PM: Approved Office language packs are getting deleted after catalog sync
  • PRB32737: PM: PMClient produces very long running times with high CPU load

8. März 2019

  • PRB32660: SDK 1.13: Error - Failed to activate the computer - the variable is ruined

1. März 2019

  • PRB32662: Advanced Agent: Reboot will be forced

8. Februar 2019

  • PRB32288: Advanced Agent: Reboot message can be aborted
  • PRB32519: Unnecessary writing of Computer.ini files after reading log files

25. Januar 2019

  • PRB32345: WinPE: Timing problem with WinPE packages
  • PRB32459: Log files sometimes causes writing computer.ini files

18. Januar 2019

  • PRB32260: EMC: Loading of the search/replace dialog takes too long having many software packages

16. November 2018

  • PRB32006: PM: Scan fails if option SCANALL is set to 0

2. November 2018

  • PRB31928: Advanced Agent: No reboot after package installation if a user has locked his screen

26. Oktober 2018

  • PRB31863: EWC: PXE clients cannot be qualified
  • PRB31875: EWC: Searching for software in right window doesn't work
  • PRB31881: EWC: Access denied message on OneClick filter

19. Oktober 2018

  • PRB31764: PM: Last approved predecessors of excluded patches aren't automatically excluded too
  • PRB31844: PM: Related Windows Scheduler Tasks will not be deleted correctly
  • PRB31883: PM: Windows 10 Feature Upgrade doesn't work with UEM Agent correctly
  • PRB31888: PM: Changed download links for 3rd party software will not be applied to the database correctly
  • PRB31758: Reboot message doesn't show all information if scaling is set to over 100 percent

13. September 2018

  • PRB31272: EmpSync.exe does not handle exclusions with variables correctly
  • PRB31284: Cannot change service server password after update to 18.0.1
  • PRB31297: Subdepot PXE Services package 18.0 does stop if IP variables are empty
  • PRB31278: PM: Default Patch/SP groups should not be editable
  • PRB30892: PM scan files moved to error folder because of DEADLOCKS
  • PRB31397: DBUtil: DB Update to 18.0.0 aborts during update tables
  • PRB31399: EWC: PXE activation does not show the correct activation state in icon
  • PRB31388: EWC: PXE activation is not possible without OS.ini activation
  • PRB31483: EMC: PXE activation is lost when moving to an assignment group
  • PRB31503: DBUtil: SQL Windows users are created incompletely
  • PRB31513: Activation Service crashs after Update to 18.0.1
  • PRB31516: PM: Patch problem with Java 10
  • PRB31666: EmpSync.exe does not handle file exclusions on depot servers correctly

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