UUX for Secure Unified Endpoint Management

The new releases of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) & EgoSecure Data Protection (EDP) based on Unified User Experience (UUX) are available here. The aim is to combine the strengths of both solutions under one interface, thereby further optimizing end-to-end processes and ensuring that security is guaranteed at all times during all work steps.

Current Release

Dear customers,

Matrix42 recently introduced its new product portfolio for Digital Workspace Management.

Note: UUX for SUEM now requires a license key which can be obtained by Matrix42 Sales or your Matrix42 partner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards
Your Matrix42 Team

UUX for SUEM 21.0.2


UUX for SUEM 21.0.2 (2021-09-17)

  • Matrix42 PackageCloud Integration - Matrix42 PakageCloud offers a variety of pre-built software distribution packages. The integration allows you to easily search for packages and directly integrate or download them.
  • Add Mobile Device(s) - Administrators can initiate and execute enrollments for modern managed devices, based on available user information in the Digital Workspace Platform.
  • Add Applications - Administrators can upload and distribute from now on enterprise applications for modern and co-managed devices.
  • New Actions for Endpoint Devices - In this release we extended for modern and co-managed devices several day-by-day actions. Each action can be performed as a single method or in bulk
  • Standalone EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter is no longer available as a separate installation package, it is now a part of all-in-one EgoSecure Server installer as a component
  • Full Disk Encryption policies can now be configured in Depot
  • Pre-Boot Authentication policies can now be configured in Depot

Previous Releases

UUX for SUEM 21.0.1


UUX for SUEM 21.0.1 (2021-06-18)

  • The navigation is changed to better reflect the workflows of device management and easier navigation
  • Packages can now uploaded and integrated in Empirum via the UUX. This allows the upload of Software Packages, OS Sources and Language Packs from the browser into the Empirum library.
  • The Software Distribution item contains now Apps as a new submenu. All applications that are available in your App Portal in Silverback are represented here
  • New Software Distribution Dashboard. The new Dashboard provides an overview of software deployment related information
  • UUX for EDP
    • Access Control and Encryption policies can now be configured in Depot
    • Assignments to apply Access Control and Encryption policies to the target systems via Enterprise Service Bus were added
    • Product Activation wizard was added and is using Enterprise Service Bus Adapter
    • Full Disk Encryption policies can now be configured in Depot (Technical Preview)
    • Insights GDPR homepage was improved (additional descriptions, improved layout and time filtering panel)

UUX for SUEM 21.0


UUX for SUEM 21.0 (2021-03-18)

  • Aligned versions for all SUEM releases
    • UUX for UEM, UUX for EDP and UUX for SUEM have now the same version as the core products Empirum, Silverback and Endpoint Data Protection
  • User based targeting in Assignments
  • Enhanced compatibility with Asset Management processes when updating objects via ESB
  • General UI Enhancements
  • UUX for EDP
    • Support of an uninstall procedure for Configuration Package installer.
    • Configuration of time scheme for scheduled Access Control rights.
    • Customization of EgoSecure Agent end user messages.
    • Transformation of a summary block in Insight landings pages to separate tiles with a configurable size.
    • Improvements of a dark theme in the interface for better usability.

UUX for SUEM 2012


UUX for SUEM 2012 (2020-12-17)

  • Separation of the Enterprise Service Bus as individual installation package:
    • The Enterprise Service Bus will be commonly used by various product integrations and is not an integrated part of SUEM anymore.
  • UI Changes
    • UEM and SUEM: The last change information is now added to the Assignments grid view.
    • SUEM: Windows 10 Defender detected threats are reported in "Insights / Windows 10 Security / Security Intelligence".
    • UEM and SUEM: Additional device information for Apple VPP in the device preview.
    • UEM and SUEM: Security information in device preview for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.
    • The last seen date in UEM and SUEM is now showing the most current date from the last scan date and last seen date
    • All Settings of the Enterprise Service Bus are now located in the Administration App (Integration / Enterprise Service Bus)
  • UUX for EDP
    • Near real time updates of information from EgoSecure to the UUX platform via Service Bus
    • Access Control for physical devices using Device Classes
    • Access Control for physical ports
    • Unblocking code generation for offline Access Control policy changes

Silverback 18.0 Hotfix

  • Prevents VPP clearing licences after wrong responses
  • Performs VPP loop requests in case of issues Updates

  • Fixed Silversync starting issue
  • Fixed extended debug mode for Logs
  • Fixed default EAS Profile for SamsungSafe


  • Windows 10 AutoPilot Support
  • Android Enterprise Enhancements
  • Android Enterprise COSU Mode
  • Multiple Wi-Fi Profiles per Tag
  • Multiple ActiveSync Profiles per Tag
  • Predefined Exchange Active Sync Passwords
  • Show 10, 50 and 100 devices
  • Strong Administrator Password Policy

Release Candidate

Silverback 19.0 Update 2


  • A Release Candidate is not the public release
  • And should not be installed in productive environments
  • Please register for the controlled rollout


  • ChromeOS Integration
  • iPadOS Support
  • iOS 13 Support
  • New Android Enterprise Restrictions
  • tvOS AirPlay und TV Remote Profiles
  • iOS 13.1 User Enrollment Support
  • Android Enterprise Managed Application Actions
  • macOS Catalina Support
  • Windows 10 Custom Profiles
  • iOS App Store Search by Country
  • SMTP Test Message Option
  • And over 70 improvements

Technical Previews