Enterprise Mobility Management (Silverback)

Silverback by Matrix42 is a comprehensive, enterprise-ready mobile device and workspace management solution. It enables simple, secure and scalable management of devices all through a single interface.

Current Release

Silverback 21.0 Update 2


Silverback 21.0.1 Update 2 contains several new features for Silverback including an extended Enterprise Service Bus feature set for the Unified User Experience.

Mobile Device Management
  • New Restrictions for iOS, iPadOS and macOS
  • Classroom Configuration for iPadOS
  • System variables support for Apple custom profiles
  • New device information for macOS
  • Deploy iOS family application to iPadOS devices
  • Custom Matching Criteria for Exchange Protection
Unified User Experience
  • Support for Enrollment Invitiations
  • Support for Enterprise Application Upload
  • Support for additional device actions

Previous Releases

Silverback 21.0 Update 1


  • Quick Connection to Apple Deployment Programs
  • Web Clips Support for Home Screen Layout
  • Customization of the Start Menu on Windows 10 devices
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium Configuration for Windows 10
  • New Service Bus Listener Service
  • App Portal Synchronization with UUX
  • And over 35 improvements

Silverback contains the Zero Day Support for iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey with new unique payload identifiers.

Silverback 21.0


  • Endpoint Security Features for Microsoft Defender
  • New Enrollment Options for Zero Touch and Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • New Management Features for iPods
  • New Email Notifications
  • And over 30 improvements

Silverback 20.0 Update 3


  • Management Console Improvements
  • Feature Pack for iOS & iPadOS 14
  • Endpoint Protection Features for Windows 10
  • Feature Pack for macOS Big Sur
  • Power Management Options for Windows 10
  • Certificate Profile for VPN and Apps (Preview)

Apple enhancements and changes in the Push Notification Network taking effect in April 2021, require the following actions in your infrastructure by 3/31/2021 or your managed Apple devices will lose connectivity to Silverback and will no longer be managed:

  • An update to Silverback 20.0.3 and
  • A Microsoft Server 2016 or later with Silverback 20.0.3

Release Candidate

Silverback 19.0 Update 2


  • A Release Candidate is not the public release
  • And should not be installed in productive environments
  • Please register for the controlled rollout


  • ChromeOS Integration
  • iPadOS Support
  • iOS 13 Support
  • New Android Enterprise Restrictions
  • tvOS AirPlay und TV Remote Profiles
  • iOS 13.1 User Enrollment Support
  • Android Enterprise Managed Application Actions
  • macOS Catalina Support
  • Windows 10 Custom Profiles
  • iOS App Store Search by Country
  • SMTP Test Message Option
  • And over 70 improvements

Technical Previews

Silverback 21.0 Update 2 - Technical Preview 2


  • New iOS and iPadOS restrictions
  • Support for enrollment invitations via UUX and ESB
  • Support for additional device actions via UUX and ESB
  • Option to ignore VPP metadata for device families
  • Custom matching criteria for Exchange Protection
  • Zero Day Support for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15
  • Several other improvements

Silverback 21.0 Update 2 - Technical Preview 1


  • New iOS and iPadOS restrictions
  • Apple Classroom Configuration
  • System Variable support for Custom Profiles
  • Support for Enterprise Apps upload via UUX
  • Support for additional Device Actions executed in UUX
  • Several other improvements