Enterprise Manager for SCCM

Make your SCCM environment available from any location and access desired actions from any device.
The Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM also features additional benefits; it is easy and intuitive to use and boasts an expanded delegation and rights model, integrated packaging functions, and user participation in the software lifecycle process.

Most important functions
  • Simple, Web-based console for SCCM tasks
  • Role-based secure delegation for SCCM management
  • Software and service rollouts in seconds
  • Reliable and easy software and service rollout monitoring
  • Clear end-user information and scheduling
  • Emergency software rollout stop
  • Software packaging with visual workflows and order control
  • Feel free to join our Webinar Series about Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM.

Current Release

Downloads Version 20.0.0


  • SCCM 2002 Support
  • OSD time and mode is configurable
  • Optimize Collection, Report and Computer group Calculation
  • Startup behavior of DP and import service optimized
  • EM Agent performance in connection with many data sets improved
  • Bugfixing and optimization

Previous Releases

Downloads Version 19.0.3


  • 2020-05-06: Hotfix for version 19.0.3 with Bugfixing
  • SCCM 2002 Support
  • OSD job restart is possible
  • Enterprise Manager Server & DP Job Management is integrated
  • “Start task again” is possible for failed tasks for computer objects in mass rollouts
  • Bugfixing and optimization

Downloads Version 19.0.2


  • SCCM 1906 Support
  • Using UUID or MAC to create a Computer in OS Deployment
  • SCCM Application Supersedence support
  • Enhanced Report management
  • Data imports optimization
  • Bugfixing

Downloads Version 7.3


  • 2020-02-04: Hotfix for version 7.3.2 with Bugfixing
  • Encrypted communication between all Enterprise Manager components using TLS 1.2
  • SCCM 1902 support
  • Completely revised OS Deployment with hash calculation and detection
  • DB optimization
  • Data imports optimization
  • Bugfixing

Technical previews


Patch Management for SCCM


  • SCCM 1910 support
  • 3rd party Patches
  • directly integrated in the SCCM console