Virtual Support Agent (Marvin)

Marvin is integrated into the Matrix42 Service Desk, the Service Catalog and the Knowledge Base to provide you with optimal support. He can find questions and answers from different sources faster, more precisely and more efficiently than any human could ever find.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: User
Manufacturer Matrix42 AG


Marvin captivates with his profound knowledge, establishes the connection between subjects at the speed of light and shines with his endless patience.

Marvin’s implementation is a child’s play. The virtual support agent increases automation and reduces the workload of your IT.

Marvin constantly learns to improve the quality of communication with your users and ensures that interaction is fun and effortless.


For end customers:

  • Fast resolution of requests around the clock
  • Intuitive self-service across all channels
  • Full transparency of inquiries and services
  • Increase in productivity

For IT managers and employees:

  • Improved service experience
  • Reduced workload for support staff
  • Fast to the result, without start-up phase

For decision-makers:

  • Scalable & cost-efficient
  • First-class employee experience
  • Integrates with the existing system (Microsoft Teams, Matrix42 Service Management)

Marvin Video


Important note: The license number is related to the existing license number of your Workspace Management product.