Service Desk Analytics

Service Desk Analytics provides you with a BI warehouse for your service desk. Analyze effectiveness & efficiency, track your set goals & KPIs and discover optimization potential.


The supplied Power BI connector also provides individual reporting and deep insights into your service desk data and processes.

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What is your First Call Resolution Rate? Is your backlog growing? What are your expense drivers in the service desk? Which roles are overloaded? How do you find out about the causes of too high reaction and solution times?


Where in your organization do 20% of tickets cause 80% effort?


Simple, transparent and game-changing from the very first day – because of the BI data cube processes all your existing historical transaction data – including all references to your organizational parameters and service desk processes.


«If you can‘t measure it, you can not manage it» [Peter Drucker – Pioneer of modern Management]

Service Desk Analytics knows your strengths and optimization potential as well as all your set-up and retention times at every stage of your ticket run.


Service Desk Analytics transfers your data via ETL processes into a multi-dimensional data cube. Different aggregation levels form an adequate base for answering different complex, analytical questions


Default KPIs

  • Overview of all tickets in your organization with monthly averages for created, closed, processed tickets (Tickets Alive) as well as your Ø resolution time
  • Direct solution quota, escalation rates for reaction and resolution times

Success Scores

  • Monthly history of your metrics over time and across your organization

Target Values

  • Configurable target key figures mark the way. They show you where and when you have left the corridor you have set

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Important note: The license number is related to the existing license number of your Workspace Management product.