QR Scanner Control

Due to the built in camera or by using an external one, QR Scanner Control gives you the option to effortlessly scan barcodes out of any dialogues and simplifies its scan-process.

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Manufacturer Labtagon GmbH


Labtagon QR Scanner Control

is an extension for the Matrix42 Workspace Management System. Due to the built in camera or an external one, you can scan easy and simple QR-codes. This extension can be integrated in any dialog.

It also gives you the opportunity to upload files/photos – instead of taking directly the photo of your QR-Code.


The Labtagon QR Scanner Control has the following features:

  • Owing to the Layout Designer this extension can be integrated in any dialogues
  • Configuration according to individual requirements
  • Alternative access to the File-Upload function on mobile devices
  • Alternative access to Desktop-PCs/ Laptops via files

The installation package consists of:

  • Easy and simple installation via Windows Setup
  • Detailed manual about the installation and the configuration


  • Spares bothersome typing on mobile devices
  • Effective and efficient
  • Requires just a camera (internal or external)

Use cases

  • IT-Assets & Non-IT-Assets inventory in Matrix42
  • Basis for two-factor authentication
  • Integration in any UUX supported devices

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