lmbit Macmon Connector

Integrate macmon Network Access Control into Matrix42 Service Store and discover a quick and easy way to manage your Endpoints.

License metric: Installation
Manufacturer lmbit GmbH


macmon Connector

The lmbit macmon Connector for the Matrix42 Service Store allows you to manage
Endpoints in the macmon Appliance from inside the Service Store Asset Management.
Endpoint Data kept in the macmon Appliance that is used to control Access to Networks is
frequently updated with Asset Data from the Service Store. So the liability (Corporate,
Employee etc.), status (Active,Discarded etc.) and Endpointgroup Membership is effectively
controlled by the Service Store.



With macmon Network Access Control you always know which devices are connected to your network and where. All your devices such as PCs, printers, laptops, medical and industrial devices are being constantly monitored and protected against unauthorized access. With the help of dynamic network segmentation, guest and employee devices (BYOD) can be allowed via the macmon guest service.


Feature Overview

The M42 Service Store macmon Connector enhances the Service Store’s capabilities by
supplying useful Tools for the Managemant of Macmon Endpoints.
The offered Features can be summarized as follows.

  • A Data Provider automatically imports Endpointgroups and Endpoints from the macmon
    REST-API and keeps the service store side kept list of Endpointgroups and Endpoints
    that can not be associated with existing Assets (via Primary MAC Address) up to date.
  • Compliance Rules monitor the creation, deletion or change of Assets and transfer those
    changes to the macmon appliance.
  • A Snyc Job that can run on a schedule or can be started manually for example once
    initially to transfer all the service store data to the macmon appliance and ensures
    consistency even when compliance rules fail.
  • A total of 2 Actions to be performed on any number of Macmon Endpoints that can not
    be associated with an existing Asset.

    • Create Asset from – Creates a Computer Object using the data provided by the
      macmon Appliance. The dataset is limited and this is not recommended practice for
      Asset Management.
    • Macmon Delete – Deletes the selected Endpoint(s) from the service store and the
      macmon appliance.
  • One Action exclusively available for the UUX that operates on multiple Instances of the
    Type Computer and lets the user change the associated Macmon Endpointgroup for the
    selected Objects.

Installing and configuring this tool is quick and simple.