EgoSecure Encryption Specialist – Training

Get to know the basics of EgoSecure cryptology.

The training will be held in german.

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EgoSecure Encryprion Specialist Training for Data Protection

Learning Objectives

You will receive practice-oriented training courses for EgoSecure, which deepen specific topics concerning data protection.


Therefore the participants of the training simulate the role of the administrator after comprehensive introductions to the IT security measures, and configure specially installed computer systems. This gives you a practical insight into the methods and tools of Data Protection. Practical and theoretical units increase the handling of EgoSecure protection measures and the awareness of safety risks.


Participants will learn about EgoSecure Data Protection. This allows you to optimally adapt the security to the needs and conditions of the company.
Through practice-relevant examples and exercises in small groups we will teach you how to integrate the components with few steps and fully exploit the possibilities of EgoSecure Data Protection.

Target Audience

You are a system and network administrator, responsible for your company´s IT system or an IT security officer.


Third day: EgoSecure Encryption Specialist


Data encryption is one of the most important IT security measures. In this training the participants learn the basics of the cryptology of EgoSecure. Therefore, you will gain a basic understanding of methods of cryptography. The participants will get a deeper insight into important applications and implementations.



1: Full Disk Encryption: Installation

2: Full Disk Encryption: Best Practice / Full Disk Encryption: Disaster recovery measure

3: Device Encryption (External Storage Media / CD / DVD) and Folder Encryption (local / cloud / network shares)

4: Bitlocker Management

5: Mail Encryption / QNA


You can also book further topics concerning the handling of EgoSecure:


First day: Administration Specialist

Second day: Data Protection Specialist

Fourth day: INSIGHT Specialist


The trainings take place between 9am and 4.30pm. On the first day we start at 10am.


The training will be held in german.


Variable for each workshop, areas of interest and participants. Wishes can be dealt with in the event of timely registration of participants.

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Training Location

Due to the actual situation, we offer all training courses only online.


Matrix42 Trainingscenter Frankfurt
Elbinger Str. 7
60487 Frankfurt


In-House Training at your Location

For in-house training, please contact your Matrix42 customer service representative or send a request to