Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM) Level 4

Le chemin le plus rapide pour modéliser les dépendances des applications et des services.

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Level 4: FireScope Business Service Monitoring

Align ITAM with business objectives. Identify risks and impacts to business


FireScope is an innovative SaaS based discovery, dependency mapping, security and

performance monitoring software company that helps our customers to accurately identify and monitor all their technology assets as well as their business services inter-dependencies. FireScope’s customers use this data to ensure their business services continuously perform at an optimum level to maximise the business value of their assets.


FireScope Business Service Monitoring provides a range of features and capabilities to ensure the complete monitoring of your IT Enterprise Assets and end-to-end Business Services. Users have higher expectations for application performance and reliability, therefore IT requires better visibility to identify and trace problems at the earliest possible moment. Understanding the analytics of a Business Service is more than just the knowing what components make up that service, you must be capable of monitoring and analysing metrics to ensure the service is performing at the level required by its business demanded SLA. FireScope SPM provides features such as business service level predictive analytics, service status, SLA monitoring, etc.


FireScope SPM is a product that truly supports end-to-end Business Service Management.


  • SPM has been designed and built referencing best practice frameworks, standards and compliance criteria to create the easiest path to transform IT into a key business partner.
  • SaaS based delivery – eliminating long, complex installation projects and enabling you to start realising value within days.
  • Automatically applying best practice monitoring across the service stack.
  • Intelligent alarming to indicate if and what level of overall service impact each failure will cause.
  • Leveraging user experience monitoring and business metrics to identify to what level infrastructure events or service degradations are impacting your users and overall business.
  • Automatically generating incidents in best of breed ITSM solutions as critical events occur. Incidents are created with extensive detail and metrics, improving first-time remediation efforts.
  • Communicating the value IT delivers to the business with real-time business value dashboards.


Firescope Use Cases


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