Data Quality Manager

Increase the quality of your data in the company and keep it at a high level in the long term.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Installation
Fabricant Cubefinity GmbH


Huge amounts of data and different data sources in a company make it difficult to check the quality of the information easily and without spending a lot of time.

In order to be able to derive and initiate the right measures with reports, dashboards and analyses or to execute processes such as approval workflows without errors and without loss of information and time, complete and correct data is required.

With the Data Quality Manager of Cubefinity, you can see at a glance, incorrect or incomplete data transparently displayed and can also update it directly. The most important goal of this app is to increase the quality of your data in your company and, above all, to keep it at a high level in the long term.

The app is integrated in the « Matrix42 UUX UI ». With more than 50 practice-oriented queries as well as predefined reports, dashboards and advanced Matrix42 configurations, you get an app that can be used immediately and delivers significant benefits.


Important hint: AddOns are implemented on the customer system by Cubefinity after ordering and coordination of dates with the customer. Therefore no downloads are stored!