Endpoint Security

EgoSecure Data Protection

EgoSecure Data Protection is a modular all-round solution for Endpoint Security which is equipped with numerous security features. Endpoints are protected holistically and automatically, without disturbing workflows or reducing performance.

Matrix42 Automated Endpoint Security powered by enSilo

Reduce the attack surface with proactive risk mitigation, protect endpoints pre- and post-infection, stop advanced malware and data breaches in real time and automatically orchestrate incident investigation and response.



Current Release

Endpoint Security 15.2.945.1


Endpoint Security 15.2.945.1
MD5: 5f9d1fcbb2036b1c0eacfd5086add896

EgoSecure Console 15.2.945.1 64-bit
MD5: c5d0a2ed5375528cb382e63029a56ce4

EgoSecure Console 15.2.945.1 32-bit
MD5: 3a2ec3e3257dfe286897473514391369


    • Extension of scanning possibilities for Data Loss Prevention - Data at Rest: a scan can be started immediately
    • Possibility to reduce traffic on Agents when metered connection is used
    • Advanced archive handling: additional features to disinfect infected files in archives and possibilities to delete and quarantine archives
    • BitLocker improvements:
      • Support of the Auto-unlock option
      • Added a separate section for BitLocker under Computer management
    • More opportunities to support containerized environments: Docker image is now available
    • Process-based exclusions for EgoSecure Antivirus


    Endpoint Security:

    Installation file for EgoSecure Server, including EgoSecure Data Protection Console and files for installing the EgoSecure Agent client component (via Console, GPO, or locally/manually).

    Data Loss Prevention:

    Additional component for using the DLP (Data Loss Prevention) module. Integration via the console and installation on the clients (via console, GPO or locally/manually). No standalone application.


    Full Disk Encryption 15.2.945.2




    FDE Setup EXE:

    Required for local installation only.

    E-Mail Security

    Our e-mail security ensures perfect and secure communication via e-mail and Internet. The Managed Security Services are immediately active and require no additional software, no hardware and no maintenance by your IT experts. Our solutions are provided centrally via several secure data centers in Germany - around the clock.

    For further information please contact us.

    Service Management Security Connector

      This connector package allows to import security events gathered by enSilo and show them in the Workspace Management Console (UUX). For each imported event an Incident will be created that holds references to as much master data as possible. Currently the affected asset(s) will be matched by their device name and the affected users will be matched by their domain account name. The Incident's description is filled with the basic information of the event. But the event object itself is referenced as well to allow for further details to be retrieved (e.g. Users/Assets that could not be matched). Importing an Event from enSilo will set it as 'read' for the API user in enSilo itself, so further imports will not take care of updated events (e.g. when new raw events were added).

        Cloud-Connect Server (CCS)

          EgoSecure Cloud-Connect Server (CCS) allows a secure communication between EgoSecure Server and computers outside of the corporate LAN.

          For detailed info about CCS architecture and configuration, see the EgoSecure Console Manual, chapter "Configuring Cloud-Connect Server".