WinPE PreBoot Support

WinPE PreBoot Support is the next step within Empirum OS Installer

Current Release

WinPE PreBoot Support


WinPE PreBoot Support is the next step within Empirum OS Installer. It now allows all customers to create their own – Powershell based – packages and using their own tools – pretty similar as creating and using software packages on Windows. Having this flexibility, it gives you more options to realize full featured OS provisioning (e.g. including BIOS settings or updates using vendor specific tools).
The download extends and updates the existing functionality. Please see the change history below.


  • 2021-09-17: Update to 1.8.10
  • Note: Due to missing functions in WADK 1809 there are problems in WinPE. We recommend the newest WADK version!

New features and changes:

    • DriverIntegration 2.17
    • - Support of Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022

    • Changed PXE message format
    • "Standalone" WinPE Driver Assistant is deprecated (use EMC)
    • Dynamic integration of Matrix public certificate


    • PRB35896: Fixing missing DNS-Suffixes in static IP configurations. Changed unattend.xml template
    • PRB35842: Fixed error by opening the package created with Matrix42 PreOS Package Editor 1.9
    • PRB35832: Fixed error by restoring images via DiskImageDeploy with SelfProvisioning - DiskImageDeploy 1.8
    • PRB35830: Fixed error by PXE Log from LanguageInstallation 3.0 and LanguagePacksInstallation - LanguageInstallation 3.1
    • PRB35766: Fixed hidden WINPE files & HTTPS. Removed unnecessary BCD.LOG* files
    • PRB36102: Fixed select foreign language admin account names (fr-FR,ru-RU,pt-PT,es-ES etc)

  • 2021-06-18: Update to 1.8.9

New features and changes:

    • EmpirumAgentSetup 2.6
    • - Using '/' instead of '' at MX42_AGENT_PUSH_PACKAGE_FOLDER.Windows is now possible

    • EndOfLife 1.6
    • - Replaced HardDiskAccess console application

    • WindowsInstallation 5.7
    • - Setting registry entry to support inventory check 'OSDeployedByEmpirum'. Changed unattend.xml template

    • DiskPartitioning 3.20
    • - Disk status information in PXE log

    • Added Set-EmpirumTimeOut
    • Added scrollbar to Selfprovisioning application
    • Renew of Matrix42 certificate


    • PRB35649: DomainJoin 1.9 - problem by Client in workgroup
    • PRB35599: DiskPartitioning 3.20 - "Size not supported"
    • PRB35531: WinPE 1.8.7 - Windows drivers are not installed if Agent Cache - WindowsInstallation 5.7, DiskImageDeploy 1.7, DriverIntegration 2.16
    • PRB35610: Resolution by WinPE (Self Provisioning mit USB Stik)
    • PRB35670: WinPE installation does not write registry entry ‘OSDeployedByEmpirum’
    • PRB35704: EndOfLife 1.5 PXE-Log-Message

  • 2021-03-19: Update to 1.8.8 (also part of Empirum v21.0)

New features and changes:

    • EndOfLife 1.5
    • - Added erase methods DoD5220.22M and BSI/VSITR

      - Integrated and visible in Empirum Reports (with Empirum 21.0)

    • DiskPartitioning 3.19
    • - Improved additional disk partitioning


    • PRB35299: WINPE with HTTP or HTTPS ( PEAgent did not receive a reply within the configured timeout (00:30:00))
    • PRB35493: Formatting/partitioning the 2nd hard disk does not work

  • 2020-12-17: Update to 1.8.7

New features and changes:

    • EndOfLife 1.4
    • - Added DelFromEmpirum/DelFromADSNDS with Empirum 20.0.3

    • PreOS Package Editor 1.9
    • - Replaced PDF HowTo

    • WindowsInstallation 5.6
    • - Support workgroup configurations with Empirum 20.0.3

      - Fixed Windows Server SAN-Policy / offline disk issue

    • DomainJoin 1.8
    • - Support workgroup configurations with Empirum 20.0.3

    • NEW LanguageInstallation 3.0
    • - Package combines and replaces LanguagePacksInstallation and LocalExperiencePacksInstallation Pre OS packages

    • DiskPartitioning 3.18
    • - PreserveDataPartition function

      - Partitioning of additional disk integrated with configuration file

    • EmpirumAgentSetup 2.5
    • - Compare also multi-column version numbers for UEM- Agent

    • BiosUpdateTemplate 2.3
    • - Replaced PDF HowTo

    • WinPE powermanagement solution during operation (no more standby mode)
    • Selfprovisioning Modifications
    • - Possiblity to use 15 characters at computer name if no name pattern is specified

      - The name pattern extension is now filled with "001 - 999"


    • PRB35041: During Self Provisioning the computer name is not written into the inventory name
    • Internal: Increased latency to fix an error in DomainJoin package when Authority is Empirum and OU is set

  • 2020-09-23: Update to 1.8.6

New features and changes:

    • Http(s): Support of DHCP options from Agent template
    • EndOfLife 1.2
    • - Added NVME-Format on error fallback to sectorwise erase

    • PreOS Package Editor 1.8
    • - Added english HowTo

    • WindowsInstallation 5.5
    • - Added new variable in WindowsInstallation "ForceDotNetInstallation" to install .Net-Framework 4.7 e.g. on older Windows 10 LTSB versions

      - Extended environment variable replacement at Empirum Agent folder

    • DriverIntegration 2.15
    • - Extended environment variable replacement at Empirum Agent folder

    • LocalExperiencePacksInstallation 1.1
    • - Http readyness, fixed WinPE and Windows 7 tests, improved logging

    • DiskImageDeploy 1.6
    • - Extended environment variable replacement at Empirum Agent folder

    • EmpirumAgentSetup 2.4
    • - Enhanced version check for the new UEM Agent 2006.x.x

    • BiosUpdateTemplate 2.2
    • - Updated DELL Flash64W driver archive to version 3.3.1 and updated HowTo


    • PRB34911: WINPE 1.8.5 - Drivers are not installed because unpacked into a wrong directory
    • PRB34969: The installation of UEM Agent fails

  • 2020-08-05: Update to 1.8.5

New features and changes:

    • Http(s): Added option to configure a time server with variable "OS_RegionalSettings.TimeServer"
    • Updated Cryptography.dll to the latest version
    • Using new UAF (Universal Agent Framework) version based on .NET 4.7.2
    • WindowsInstallation 5.4
    • - Installing .NET 4.7.2 in older OS versions (Windows 7)

    • EmpirumAgentSetup 2.3
    • - Using assigned agent template (no default agent template)

    • LocalExperiencePacksInstallation 1.0
    • - Using Local Experience Packs (APPX Packages) to install the Language Packs (WinPE HowTo point 2.3.6)

    • EndOfLife 1.1
    • - Secure Erase of NVMe disks (WinPE HowTo point 9)


    • PRB34453: RunOnce Registry Key from UEM Agent get not removed on WINPE Installation if the user got no admin rights
    • PRB34747: Bug in PreOS Paket EmpirumAgentSetup 2.2

  • 2020-06-29: Update to 1.8.4

New features and changes:

    • DriverIntegration 2.14 (Boot configuration 1.8.4 or higher and WindowsInstallation 5.3 or higher are required)
    • - Using EmpirumAgent folder of Agent template for drivers target

    • WindowsInstallation 5.3 (Boot configuration 1.8.4 or higher and DriverIntegration 2.14 or higher are required)
    • - Using EmpirumAgent folder of Agent template for drivers target

      - Supporting installations of clients with static IP configuration

    • EmpirumAgentSetup 2.2
    • - Using UEM Agent as default agent (empty variable)

      - Agent Template via variable config selectable

    • LanguagePacksInstallation 1.6
    • - Added reboot at LPKSETUP timeout

    • WinPE Driver Assistant: Changed message at importing empty ini or json file
    • Improved DHCP option requests


    • PRB266292 EmpirumAgent folder after OS installation
    • PRB34531: Forgotten Variable prevents copy of added Agent Template in Post OS phase
    • PRB34512: Weird time issue after OS Deployment over https
    • PRB34688: Win10-Installation: Very often gets stuck with the LanguagePack

  • 2020-05-13: Update to 1.8.3

New features and changes:

    • Show status of current task at PE-Agent
    • Package EndOfLife 1.0 available (more information in WinPE HowTo)
    • Added http/s support for Server certificate/ thumbprint validation
    • Added http/s support for Selfprovisioning
    • DriverIntegration 2.13
    • - Model entries no longer have to correspond completely with the model name (more information in Driverintegration HowTo)


    • PRB34467: Drivers are cached in ram which results in error 'There is not enough space on the disk'

  • 2020-03-26: Update to 1.8.2 (also part of Empirum v20.0)

New features and changes:

    • Updated VCRedist to version 2019:
    • - WindowsInstallation 5.2

    • WinPE HTTP/S support
    • - PE Agent uses http port depending on agent template configuration

      - Added connection retries depending on app.config value

      - Increase timeout to avoid TimeoutException at transfering OS sources


    • PRB256175: Error 409 at deployment via Http(s)

  • 2020-02-17: Update to 1.8.1

New features and changes:

    • New PreOsPackages are default "ready to install" after an import
    • You may define the Netsetup JoinOptions bitmask for the domain join process


    • PRB33823: Added LpkSetupTimeoutSec variable to control LpkSetup behaviour
    • PRB34162: Client ist not deactivated after OS installation with Offline (USB) Self Provisioning with WinPE

  • 2019-12-19: Update to 1.8.0

New features and changes:

    • WinPE HTTP/S support
    • - Enhanced Get-EmpirumPackagePath functionality to support caching requested files and folders

      - Added new Cmdlet Get-EmpirumTransfer for caching requested folders and write back changes

      - Enhanced PE Agent to transfer files via HTTP/S depending on agent template configuration

    • Updated PreOS Packages for HTTP/S support:
    • - BiosUpdateTemplate 2.0

      - EmpirumAgentSetup 2.0

      - HardwareInfo 3.0

      - WindowsInstallation 5.0

  • 2019-03-28: Update to 1.5.1

  • Changes in this release:
      • DiskPartitioning 3.11: Volumes are shown in the log file
      • DomainJoin 1.3: Removed unneccessary Verbose switches
      • WindowsInstallation 4.10: Removed reboot timeout after First Logon and added log entries for Windows 7 workaround
      • LanguagePacksInstallation 1.2: User (Display) Language List is updated with installed Language Packs
      • Add-EmpirumComputer removes space separators from OU (if given) before joining the computer to a domain
      • WinPE-Agent writes the PackagesStatus.xml and log files in directory "EmpInst\Wizard\OS\WinPeStatus"
      • ESubdepot_OS, ESubdepot_OS_QuickSync_Night sync jobs now exclude the "EmpInst\Wizard\OS\WinPeStatus" folder to preserve the WinPe log files

    If you are using Empirum v18.0.3 and earlier (not needed in Empirum v19):
    Please execute the supplied script "OS_SyncJobsExcludeWinPeStatus.sql" with DbUtil. Reinstall this jobs on all depot servers

    • Bugfixes:
      • PRB32734: WinPE Language Packs
      • PRB32732: WinPe: ESubdepot_OS sync deletes the UUID (MAC8) folder from depot server when the UUID (MAC8) folder doesn't exist bei Master Server

    Known Issues and limitations

    • Creation of a PXE Boot image requires latest Windows Admistration and Deployment Kit (WADK) installed on the master server (where the backend task queue service runs on)
    • OS Agent supports SMB protocol only based on the server settings of the agent template


    Updates are supported from the following version:

    • Matrix42 Empirum v17.0 Update 2 incl. current Hotfix Installer or later
    • Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 on the Empirum Master Server.


    The documention for support Windows PE within Empirum is currently available in English and German and can be downloaded via the download button (switch to the desired display language to get a differnt language version of the PDF)


    Variable Configurations OSI Package

    This package contains examples of variable configurations for the easy and fast use of WinPE for the OS installation
    • 2021-01-14: New version of Variable Configurations OSI Package (20.0.3)

    Driver Extraction Package 2.0

    This add-on supports you in finding and collecting all your installed Windows drivers and puts them into a file. Designed for WinPE
    • 2020-05-06: New version of Driver Extraction Package