Software Development Kit for Client Management (Empirum)


The Matrix42 Software Development Kit (SDK) provides powerful tools (PowerShell libraries and .NET libraries) to communicate with Empirum. Customers, partners and software vendors are able to integrate Empirum into existing processes and products or extend its enormous capabilities to perfectly fit into their enterprises.

Key Features of the SDK

  • PowerShell CmdLets for script based actions in Empirum environments
  • .NET based API DLL’s allow powerful programming with all .NET based programming languages
  • Independence of GUI applications like EMC or EWC
  • Base for automated workflows
For more information on these features and the system requirements, please see the Release Notes included in the SDK package.


30.4.2021 - Release Version 1.36 (min. Requirement: Empirum 20.0.3)

  • The default log path is now under ProgramDataMatrix42Log, both for Powershell and for the .NET module

17.12.2020 - Release Version 1.35 (min. Requirement: Empirum 20.0.3)

  • Extended parameter [-Package] PackageType for command "Add-EmpirumPackageToGroup"
    - PXEBootImage
    - PEConfigurationGuid

24.9.2020 - Release Version 1.34 (min. Requirement: Empirum 19.0.3)

  • Added new features - Assignment of objects (Variable Configurations, Operating Systems, Language Packs, Local Experience Packs)
  • Fix - Error when setting distribution options with Set-EmpirumDistributionCommands (INSTALL UPDATE)

19.12.2019 - Release Version 1.30 (min. Requirement: Empirum 19.0.3)

  • Added new features (Create Computer with parameter UUID)

14.06.2019 - Release Version 1.21 (min. Requirement: Empirum 19.0.0)

  • Added new features (Start-HashGeneration, New-EmpirumBootConfiguration, Get-EmpirumBootConfiguration, Set-EmpirumBootConfiguration)

04.01.2019 - Release Version 1.20 (min. Requirement: Empirum 18.0.3)