Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM) Level 3

Der schnellste Weg zur Darstellung von Anwendungs- und Serviceabhängigkeiten.

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Level 3: FireScope Asset Performance Monitoring

Monitor asset capacity & performance and avoid service disruptions


FireScope is an innovative SaaS based discovery, dependency mapping, security and

performance monitoring software company that helps our customers to accurately identify and monitor all their technology assets as well as their business services inter-dependencies. FireScope’s customers use this data to ensure their business services continuously perform at an optimum level, maximising the business value of their assets.


FireScope’s Service Performance Management (SPM) provides multiple features and capabilities to ensure the complete monitoring of your IT Enterprise Assets and Business Services.

Users have higher expectations for application performance and reliability, therefore IT requires better visibility to identify and trace problems at the earliest possible moment. FireScope Service Performance Manager (SPM) represents a new breed of management solutions, one that leverages Big Data and cloud technologies to deliver unparalleled monitoring across the entire IT stack – offering Enterprise scalability without the effort or high cost of traditional enterprise monitoring suites.


Instead of buying numerous point solutions, each dedicated to a single use case, FireScope SPM offers a single platform that supports many use cases, ranging from service performance management to business and predictive analytics. FireScope SPM is a modern API driven product that gives you the flexibility to build and configure your own management capabilities. FireScope should be an integral part of any Service Management strategy.


FireScope SPM: Delivering a single software solution to add advanced, configurable monitoring on top of FireScope’s Discovery and Dependency Mapping capabilities

  • Centralising network, application, cloud, user experience, storage and IT service monitoring into one single multi-purpose platform.
  • Building on your IT Dependency Maps – incrementally adding monitoring to the CIs that support your key business services.
  • Eliminating event storms – eg avoid a single switch failure generating hundreds of notifications.
  • Leveraging cloud-based delivery to ensure rapid time to value – your first dashboards will be ready within days.
  • Integrating with all popular Service Desk solutions, improving collaboration between your IT Operations and Service Management teams.
  • Communicating the ongoing value that IT provides to the business at every level within your organisation (CxO, Business Line, etc.).


Firescope Use Cases


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