Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM) Level 2

Der schnellste Weg zur Darstellung von Anwendungs- und Serviceabhängigkeiten.

Vertragsart: Subscription
Lizenz-Metrik: Pieces
Hersteller: Firescope


Aligning customer’s technology performance to their business and customer experiences through highly innovative, on-demand solutions.

FireScope’s Secure Discovery & Dependency Mapping (SDDM) product enables customers to populate and secure accurate, service-aware CMDBs using an automated approach to discovery and dependency mapping of all the assets (Configuration Items CIs) in the enterprise. FireScope’s SDDM is a powerful platform built with the idea that a solution should be simple to deploy, intuitive, provide a quick ROI and be a platform for multiple IT and business use cases. The Key to CMDB Success.

The fastest path to modeling application and service dependencies.

  • Build dependency maps of all devices, applications, IT and business services.
  • Keeping the baseline accurate for ITSM platforms, while accelerating deployment activities and ROIs.
  • Have a RISK based approach to Change Management identifying up and downstream dependencies of configuration items (CI’s).
  • Leveraging SDDM Always-On Technology to identify unauthorized changes and new CI’s risks.

This Product requires the SDDM Base Hosting product.

Please contact us in case of on premise offering!

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