JCMatrix – PowerBI Report Incidents

Generiert interaktive Reports und dashboard ohne Komplexität von Data warehouse / cubes

Vertragsart: Subscription
Lizenz-Metrik: Installation
Hersteller JCMatrix Pty Ltd
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  • Basic plan is free for customer (other than consulting effort to create the dashboard)
  • Generate interactive reports & dashboard without complexity of data warehouse / cubes
  • Free form Q&A field suitable for non-tech business users (see video)
  • Access via browser, PowerBI desktop, PowerBI mobile app or Matrix42 mobile app (via MWS)
  • ServiceNow just got into PowerBI not long ago

Steps to host your own PowerBI demo environment:

  1. Sign up free PowerBI account
  2. Upload the demo pbix file (I can send to you)
  3. Choose your datasource i.e. location of your M42Production DB

Demo Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4xulq4JNi46aHQyeG9hQ1QtQk0